Instagram Review – May be You Would Like it


Today I decided to review Instagram for those of you that don’t know its history by in 2011 Instagram was introduced to iPhone Traditionally, but after some time it was available on androids its allowed you to take pictures and add filters to it. It was new technology those days who wants a picture that looks brand new.

Instagram version:

There are two known version of Instagram one for windows/mac and second for androids/iPhone.

Mostly people use it through mobiles from the starting till now it’s been updated my times even now you can share a picture on Facebook and Instagram at the same time it also includes other social media like Twitter.

Unique Application

Instagram is a unique application it allows users to take pictures in a very creative way. Through different filters, you can create the stunning picture on your profile.


You see all the people that you follow you can choose who you want to follow of course and also you can choose to make your profile private or public so that way people can follow you. You can accept you can deny it all up to you. You can take a picture of practically anything that you want it will obviously have to be appropriate. But you get to take a picture.

Video Feature:

And now they added a unique feature where you can create videos, and it’s just very creative you, and then you get to select what effect that you want to add to this video. Awesome it’s kind of like a vine but with effects and a longer vine.


I like it but other than that it’s great you know it’s a fun way to take photos share it with your friends. And you can link it to your Facebook and Twitter and more that I probably. With every update, I feel like they add new features like for example this map thing it tells you where you have taken pictures and you could also go on other people profiles and check where they have taken pictures it’s quite amazing.

Tagging and liking:

And then here they add it in when people like your picture. And your friends when they tag you in their post it’s really fun like it just amazing you get to tag anyone that you want as long as you are following them and they are following you and it’s just a great and unique way to share photos.


People use the hashtag on their posts so you can search through hashtag or with their location or with their names.


So this wasmy review about the Instagram, Now what you can do is just make your account and use any marketing company and make your auto followers insta machine.

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