How to Create a Long-Term Social Media Strategy for Businesses

Everybody’s different you know my vision is very long term. I don’t know how you define long-term in your question but some people think long-term is three to five years. I think long-term is until the day I Die. So my clients may not be as patient when your Fortune 500 company that needs to hit robbers each quarter your patience to build a three to Five-Year Plan is none-existent.

When you were seriously startup company that just raise two hundred million dollars, and you’re only burning $4000000, you run out of patience any idea building brand and having a pension scheme to your execution becomes more attractive than we were both engineers. That then it’s more about branding Instagram doing video long form contacts the white hook lot of jabbing.

If your startup goes out of business in 24 weeks, if you don’t sell some stuff work full right hand hooked Rhino Facebook dark posts SEO SEM influencer marketing with calls to action the shelter on all that stuff ultimately is determined based on the current short-term and long-term needs.

But the truth is short-term and long-term in silence based on a moment in time and so no I think I’m good at business is for all of my talking to him 10 X on my listening skills. And it all just come down the reading, and so the way we strategize is predicated on listening, and I think the biggest challenge for so many of the nation that’s watching right now.

I don’t think a lot of you, and this is with all due respect this is for everybody I’m just picking. I love you love I think a lot of people aren’t really sure what they want to accomplish in a one-year window versus a five-year window down your window.

And their behavior doesn’t map to it to me I got lucky I just decided it’s everybody shows up to my funeral heads forever build up Equity cash it in what has I need it if I ever need it tomorrow which is allowed me to be very patient. But in the start, you can test different companies which giveĀ 20 free Instagram followers trial.

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